Offside is a series of 3D lenticular image of sportswomen. The exhibition examines the complex issues relating to women and sport through an arts and cultural lens. These women in this series are diverse and extraordinary because of their lives outside of sport. They are all strong and fragile, which is the thread that links womanhood. Their fears and insecurities are the foundations that have empowered their passions, and, in turn, give rise for them to experience larger and richer lives. The women as a group represent the diversity of experiences of sport across cultural boundaries and societal expectations, each of these women has broken unwritten rules to play their sport and follow a passion that has broadened their lives outside of sport.

Women are interested in seeing stories about women and men are interested in seeing stories about sport. It’s a win win, so to speak. 50% of our population are women and girls, and there is a need to cater for stories that focus on the diversity of women experiences that still connect to a wider audience. Sport enables this connection. Positive real life stories that focus on women create a common ground for a greater understanding of the role that women play in the Australian contemporary society. Some of these women are highly competitive sportswoman who have represented Australia, others sport is a hobby and a way to keep fit. Together these women show the empowering impact of sport to act as a catalyst to enable people and communities to unite.

The work was shown at the Casula Powerhouse in Sydney and has been also shown at the Western Sydney University in conjunction with the celebrations for the 2015 International Women’s Day. This exhibition has expanded and is still growing incorporating over 16 women. Two images from this series are held at the Australian Mission to the United Nations in Geneva. They have been a part of an exhibition at the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (LACDA) The Toyota Community Spirit Award, Conversations on the Cusp of Change, The Art of Photography Show CA.